Michael Beasley shoves a fan in the face at the Dyckman

King Ing August 5, 2011 0

The fans of New York City streetball can shower you with their love or boo you from start to finish. Unfortunately for Michael Beasley he had one guy show him the latter.

In a hotly contested game that matched Team 914 (Beasley) against Team Nike led by Kevin Durant, one second half incident changed the mood around Dyckman Park.

Beasley began jawing with some fans under the baskets, at one point shouting at the crowd “I get paid to do this!”

One of the fans behind a metal barrier, Garland Quince, a regular at Dyckman, was targeted and approached by Beasley. The 6-10, 235-pound power forward then placed one hand on Quince’s head and shoved him backward.

“He just mushed me. He mushed me in my face,” Quince said. “I was arguing about a Kevin Durant call and he just mushed me in my face.”

“B-Easy” has too much to lose to even involve himself in this type of situation. Hopefully he learns from it and nothing like this will ever happens again.

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