Someone explain the planking phenomenon

King Ing July 12, 2011 0

I just don’t get the fascination with planking. One just finds a place to lay there and act like a board? Why are people going crazy over this?

The only time you should be planking is when you see me walk down the street and there is a puddle on the corner. Then it’s perfectly fine for you to act like a piece of wood so I can stick my size 12 shoe into the small of your back. After all I don’t want to get my To Boot New York’s dirty.

Let’s examine this picture of JaVale McGee I saw over at BustedCoverage. Is this suppose to be funny? It seems like more work than anything. You basically had to take out all the pizzas, then stick your body into a freezer and lay there while lil’ JaVale turtled back into it’s shell. And then after getting your five seconds of enjoyment you gotta restock the pizzas.

I guess whatever floats your boat.

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