Found out what Cristiano Ronaldo will be doing during the Champions League final

King Ing May 26, 2011 0

The man will be in his house of mirrors pounding out some crunches while telling himself that it should be him playing at Wembley. No finger wags or shoulder shrugs here.

I actually wonder who Cristiano Ronaldo will be rooting for. Will it be his old mates from Manchester United or will it be his Spanish La Liga boys from Barcelona?

In reality I bet you Ronaldo doesn’t even care. I mean he will probably be hanging out with his girlfriend, Irina Shayk on the beach somewhere exotic.

Either way my US Free Bets money will be backing the Red Devils and Ji-Sung Park. I got to show the Asian love. Plus I hate the way Barca always dives when they get breathed on.

This is how it will play out. Dani Alves pushes too far forward, turns the ball over to where Park finds an open Rooney at the top of the box who hammers it in for the 1-0 United victory.

Who do you like?

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