Aaron Sele’s Job Pitch

Justin May 24, 2011 0

Former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette famously let Roger Clemens leave Boston after the 1996 season, saying the future Hall of Famer (yeah, I said it!) was in the “twilight of his career.”  He also traded Aaron Sele once.  Guess which one he regrets the most.

Here’s a hint:

Duquette has posted this “recommendation” on Aaron Sele’s LinkedIn Page.

“After I traded his contract to the Rangers Ted Williams used to call me up and say “How in hell can you trade a pitcher that has a curve ball like that?” Ted was right we should have kept Aaron Sele; pitchers with that type of overhand breaking ball that can throw it for strikes behind in the count like he could are valuable and hard to replace!”

More importantly… Aaron Sele has a linked in page?!?

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