This guy won’t be doing the Jeremy Lamb shake anytime soon

King Ing April 18, 2011 0

While the real Jeremy Lamb was out helping UCONN win a national title, Ernest Hamrick of West Hartford was busy pretending to be the freshman star for another reason.

It all started when Hamrick dialed the wrong number and got a teenage girl from Dutchess County, the Berlin Patch reports.

Police said the girl misrepresented her age. They started exchanging cell phone calls and texts — 2,445 times between late October and early December, the Patch reports. The girl sent Hamrick 41 photos and was nude in several of them, police said. Hamrick is also accused of sending his own nude photos.

Hamrick told the girl he was No. 25 on UConn’s basketball team. But, as the girl watched a UConn basketball game in November, she quickly realized that the UConn player wearing that jersey was not the man she was communicating with, the Patch reports.

Then, Hamrick said he wore No. 3. Both numbers he picked are worn by freshmen.

This guy looks nothing like Lamb. Did he really think he was going to get away with it? You look more like Cuttino Mobley.

Someone do me a favor and cue the real Jeremy Lamb shake.

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