The Crackle Wonders: Jimmy Breslin

Justin March 18, 2011 0

Jimmy Breslin is one of the living legends of journalism. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to speak with him, obviously, I jumped at it.

He’s written a book about the life of Branch Rickey. It’s called “Branch Rickey: A Life.”

We talked about the former Dodger GM’s life and place in history, but we also touched on topics like Son Of Sam and the current state of media.

Now, our conversation took place over the phone as opposed to email, which is how I usually conduct these interviews. And so, we have a slightly different format. You get to hear Jimmy Breslin’s answers instead of just reading them. You also get the added bonus of hearing me stammer a bit during the conversation.  But, I promise, it’s well worth it.

Branch Rickey (Penguin Lives)

-On Why he decided to write about Branch Rickey, and why he decided to do the book now..

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

-On the fact that Branch Rickey told some people at his church what he was planning, years before he actually did it.

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

-On where New York was, in terms of race relations, when Jackie Robinson debuted in 1947

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

-On Looking at Branch Rickey from a cultural perspective, not just a sports one

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

-A little more on that topic

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

-On his personal experiences during the Son of Sam killing spree and subsequent arrest

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer Part 1

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer Part 2

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer Part 3

-On the current state of the media and advice for prospective writers

Jimmy Breslin’s Answer

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