Body Checks and Balances

Justin February 18, 2011 0

There are a lot of things to love about hockey. But one of my favorites is the way players make up nicknames for their teammates. No one can be called by their actual name in the locker room, but at the same time, no one can be bothered to come up with creative monikers for each other. As a result, guys with long names get shortened (Alex Ovechkin becomes Ovie) while guys with short names get lengthened (Adam Graves becomes Gravy.)

So, in honor of Presidents Day, SportsCracklePop presents our great nation’s 44 Chief Executives, along with the nicknames they would be given if they played in the NHL.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and your mattress sales.

George Washington-Washer
John Adams-Adder
Thomas Jefferson-Jeffy
James Madison-Maddy
James Monroe-Monty
John Quincy Adams-Quint
Andrew Jackson-Jax
Martin Van Buren-VeeBee
William Henry Harrison-Harry
John Tyler-Tiles
James Knox Polk-Polker
Zachary Taylor-Zach
Millard Fillmore-Milo
Franklin Pierce-Piercey
James Buchanan-Buck
Abraham Lincoln-Linker
Andrew Johnson-AJ
Ulysses Simpson Grant- Ulee
Rutherford Birchard Hayes- Hazer
James Abram Garfield-Gar
Chester Alan Arthur- Chesty
Grover Cleveland-Grover (sometimes it just fits)
Benjamin Harrison-Harry
William McKinley-Micky
Theodore Roosevelt-Rooster
William Howard Taft-Taffy
Woodrow Wilson-Wills
Warren Gamaliel Harding-Hardhat
Calvin Coolidge- Cooly
Herbert Clark Hoover- Hoov
Franklin Delano Roosevelt- paralyzed.. would not have played hockey
Harry S. Truman- True
Dwight David Eisenhower- Iker
John Fitzgerald Kennedy- Fitzy
Lyndon Baines Johnson- ElBee
Richard Milhous Nixon- Nixer
Gerald Rudolph Ford- Fordy
James Earl Carter, Jr- Car
Ronald Wilson Reagan- Ray
George Herbert Walker Bush- Busher
William Jefferson Clinton-Bubba
George Walker Bush- W
Barack Hussein Obama- Obie

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