I, Too, Like Some Healthy Mommas

Justin February 17, 2011 1

Decades after he retired, Walt Frazier may still be the coolest athlete of all time.

He gave an interview to GQ, as part of the magazine’s “Guide to the New NBA Golden Age.” (It also includes a piece by our internet buddy, Michael Weinreb.)

Below are a few selected quotes, presented without context because I think they’re better that way.

That was part of the job. I’d go to the bar, buying drinks, accepting drinks. There were no venereal diseases; things were just loose, man. I don’t recall seeing any fights, anywhere, anytime. Studio 54, you’d go in there, get impromptus from guys like Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, all these guys might just hop on stage and start doing a number.

Dick Barnett. He was a tremendous dresser. He’d wear Sherlock Holmes hats. You’d see him with a cane and spats. He was eccentric.

Nothing looks better than a tall guy in a suit. Basketball players, we’re like runway models.

I don’t like them too skinny. Being a southern guy, I like some healthy mommas.
I could probably average a triple-double, because when I played I averaged 20-6-6, but then it was hard to get an assist, it wasn’t like today where a guy dribbles, then shoots, and they give him an assist.
Now, I’m an even-keeled guy. I rarely go to discos. The things I like to do now don’t cost me money. A little walk in the park, a kiss after dark. I’ve mellowed with age.

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  1. MidtownMike4 February 19, 2011 at 11:04 pm -

    They don’t build players like “Clyde” anymore. The golden age of sports.

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