Do I Have What It Takes To Read What It Takes?

Justin February 16, 2011 1

Cracklers, I am a big fan of books.  They provide information, insight and unlike most people, they don’t get angry when you fall asleep half way through using them.

Recently, I ordered a book online.  I knew that “What It Takes” by Richard Ben Cramer was an in depth look at the candidates and events of the 1988 Presidential Election. I knew that it has served as something of a bible to the current generation of Beltway reporters. I knew that, upon it’s release, Cramer was criticized in some circles for being a little too in-depth.

What I did not know is that “What It Takes” by Richard Ben Cramer is long as fuck. It has 130 chapters. Not 130 pages. 130 CHAPTERS. And that doesn’t include the Authors note, Epilogue or Afterword.  When all is said and done, this book is 1,051 pages long.  And much of it is about the day to day life of former Congressman Dick Gephart.

Still, I bought it and I am committed to reading it.  And I’ve decided the best way to stick with it is to post weekly updates on my progress.

How long will it take? I’m going to place the over/under at 5 months.  I finished the first chapter last night. It was 30 pages. Place your bets in the comments.

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  1. tony February 16, 2011 at 3:48 pm -

    does it have any nudey pics of gephart

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