This baby has the Super Bowl winner all figured out

King Ing February 4, 2011 0

At cold as my picks are as it comes to sports gambling, I might as well let this baby make my pick for the Super Bowl winner. She has the in-depth analysis.

-H/T Hot Clicks

Now on to my real picks. My money on the actual game will be on the under 45. Everyone and their mother seems to think this game is going to be around 30-27 or 31-28. Whenever that happens I always take the opposite. There is a reason bettors have lost $11 billion dollars on the Super Bowl since 1991.

As far as props go. I am going to pound everything Christina Aguilera. Parlay the sing in a microphone (she isn’t dancing, no need for a headset), wear a dress, hair down, and the over 1 minute 54 second National Anthem. This is her time to shine and she seems like the type that wants to stay in the spotlight as long as she can.

Don’t forget the coin toss, tails never fails!

There are so many props this year that appeal to everyone that it seems like a must to bet on the Super Bowl. Deposit the cash and win some money! Good luck everyone, that is unless you wager against me.

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