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The reason I think the Eagles lost the playoff game

King Ing January 11, 2011 3

Sure David Akers missed a couple of makeable field goals. Sure Mike Vick didn’t break the pocket and run for a hundred yards like he did earlier in the year against the Packers. But

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Just give me the damn jersey

King Ing January 11, 2011 1

After Stevenage’s 3-1 upset win over Newcastle in the FA Cup some fans decided to run onto the pitch and celebrate with the players. Unfortunately for Scott Laird one of the supporters had a

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The Pro Bowl Shuffle

King Ing January 10, 2011 0

I have said it a thousand times and I am about to say it again…I do not think Jimmy Fallon is funny. So when I saw this skit on his late night talk show

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Is This Real?

Justin January 8, 2011 3

Did this really appear on an NBA broadcast? Internet, please clear this up for us

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Second Chances, Second Seasons and Second Servings

Justin January 7, 2011 0

Let’s talk about this Ted Williams motherfucker. Not the baseball star/ American hero. The other Ted Williams. The drunken crackhead with the pleasant speaking voice who has captured our idiot nation’s collective imagination this

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It Gets Better

Justin January 7, 2011 0

In the wake of yesterday’s coming out column by Steve Buckley in the Boston Herald, we present this video from rugby star Gareth Thomas, who’s believed to be the only openly gay male professional

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Soccer players have weird ways of celebrating

King Ing January 7, 2011 0

Just take a look at these two celebrations during yesterdays Serie A games in Italy. First you have Cristian Chivu giving Thiago Motta an unwanted bang from behind

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This is how you karaoke

King Ing January 6, 2011 0

When I karaoke I usually just focus on the words and put my best Teddy Pendergrass voice on. Boy have I been doing it wrong. I need to sing and dance it up like

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The Final Whistle: 24/7 Penguins/Capitals

Justin January 5, 2011 0

Today is Wednesday. The game was played Saturday. Let’s get this over with. Time to discuss Week 4 of HBO’s 24/7 Penguins/Capitals

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Christine Teigen analyzes the game of football

King Ing January 5, 2011 0

I not only love Christine Teigen for her beauty, but I might actually like her more for her humor. She is funny as f*ck. Someone needs to give this model her own show. If

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