John Buccigross is Kanye East

Justin December 11, 2010 0

There’s nothing better than logging onto Twitter early in the morning and seeing a multi-tweet rant from Kanye.  But, for sports fans, this comes close.

John Buccigross, who for my money is among the 2 or 3 best hosts at ESPN, went off on the Tampa Bay Lightning for complaining about a shootout winner, scored by Linus Omark last night.

Let’s run through the situation

First Tweet:
Watch video of Linus Omark’s game winning shootout goal for the Oilers last night and then read the Tampa’s crybaby quotes.


and now.. the complaints

“A … joke,” Bolts winger Ryan Malone was quoted as telling reporters after the game.

“It’s embarrassing for him,” said goalie Dan Ellis, who was in the Tampa Bay net for the goal. “You come into a league, a respectful league like this, and you try a little move like that. It’s not a very classy thing. That’s just the kind of person he is.”

Bolts star Steven Stamkos told the Edmonton Sun: “I didn’t think it showed a lot of respect in this game. I mean, you don’t see Crosby or Ovechkin doing that and they’re the two best players in the game. [Omark’s] a creative player, he’s got good skill. I’m not taking that away from him, but it didn’t really have any implication on his moves, so I don’t know why he did that.”

Buccigross’s tweets contine:

(ED. NOTE.. they were written as a run on thought, so I will combine the tweets into paragraph form for easier understanding. ellipses will signify the end of one 140 character message and the beginning of the next)

God forbid put some style in an otherwise repetitive excercise so a few hard working people can get some entertainment and value for.. His or her 70 dollar ticket. Maybe the Tampa players should think about that when they drive home to their million dollar homes in their..2011 Range Rovers. What Omark did was equivalent to a point guard dribbling the ball between his legs as he walks the ball up the court..As a team gets set for the last shot. A playful reflex to relax and ease the mind. A dribble. Maybe those who felt disrespected should..Donate their next paycheck to the Salvation Army. Their paycheck to production ratio is disrespectful to Gordie Howe. Grow up, dudes…Peter Forsberg won a gold medal for his country doing something creative and poetic. Poetry is on life support…This is what happens when one lifts weights while listening to We Were Promised Jetpacks trying to sweat out last night’s beverages. Amen!!!… other news, Lightning players would like to see women lose the right to vote, abolish child seat belt laws, and eradicate the FDA…I need to relax. I recommend the song “In the battle of sun vs curtains, sun loses and we sleep until noon” real song by band Woodpigeon.

Recommendation accepted

So, there you have it. John Buccigross calls out the Lightning, the culture of me first millionaire athletes and the lack of perspective among the current generation of hockey players all while making me laugh and opening up my world to a new band.  All that’s missing are a couple of shots at Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer.

John Buccigross is today’s winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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