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A Conspiracy of Dentists

Justin November 10, 2010 0

I have a cavity. At least that’s what my “dentist” says. At this point, though, I’ve got questions about his diagnosis and his entire line of work

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Wayne Rooney still has the wandering eye

King Ing November 10, 2010 0

While injured Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is at the Nike World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon for an intense fitness training, he still has time to focus on what is important in life….a tall,

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Congratulations to my main man Jared from Subway

King Ing November 9, 2010 0

Big ups to Jared Fogle for finishing the NYC Marathon in a respectable 5 hours and 13 minutes. He really came a long way from last December where he looked like he went off

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Even middle school kids pull off trick football plays

King Ing November 8, 2010 0

Check out the football team of Driscoll Middle School pulling off a trick play I have yet to see in my life. BTW, is that snap even legal

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Missing Mags, Maddening Motivations and Mormony Mormons

Justin November 6, 2010 0

We’re doing things a little bit differently this week. Ordinarily, I sit and write these reviews with a paper copy of Sports Illustrated sitting right next to me at my desk. That way, I

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Hulk Hogan whips it out in front of his daughter

King Ing November 4, 2010 0

Something any self respecting dad would do is to NOT whip out their junk and flash the camera in front of their daughter. I guess Hulk Hogan is not that kind of guy. But

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South Park spoofs LeBron James

King Ing November 4, 2010 0

Although it wasn’t as good as the Jersey Shore version, here is Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s take on the LeBron James’ “Rise” commercial. Cartman’s line at the end pretty much summed it all

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My Girlfriend Went to the Giants Parade And All I Got Was This Stupid Photo of Kettle Chips

California Correspondent November 3, 2010 0

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Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood crossing swords

King Ing November 3, 2010 0

While Tiger and Lee look really excited&#

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Live From the SCP Election Center

Justin November 3, 2010 0

Hell yeah, we have an election center. It’s called google news. Most of theĀ  headlines today will be about the Republicans taking back the house or Harry Reid holding on as Majority Leader. But,

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