Live From the SCP Election Center

Justin November 3, 2010 0

Hell yeah, we have an election center. It’s called google news. Most of the  headlines today will be about the Republicans taking back the house or Harry Reid holding on as Majority Leader. But, at SCP, we know what races you really want to know about… the one’s involving guys who are super tall or dangerously fat.  Here’s how most of the former professional athletes running for office did last night:

Former Eagle and Charger Jon Runyan is now a congressman-elect from southern Jersey. The republican defeated incumbent democrat John Adler.

Former Redskin and Saints bust Heath Shuler continued to prove that he was a born politician and should have skipped the entire football thing completely by winning re-election to the house, as a democrat, from North Carolina.

In Fairfax, Virginia, Keith Fimian, who spent a brief amount of times with the Cleveland Browns in 1978, is locked in a too close to call house race against incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly.

Out west, there’s still no winner declared in the Oregon Governor’s race. Former Knick, Net and Trailblazer Chris Dudley is the Republican candidate, taking on Democrat John Kitzhaber. When you consider that the Yale graduate backed up Jamaican born Patrick Ewing. Russian born Arvydas Sabonis and Sam Bowie, who looked like an alien, it makes sense that Dudley would align himself with the GOP’s anti-immigrant bent. He still can’t hit a free throw though.

Speaking of former giant white backup centers, Shawn Bradley, the giantest and whitest center of all time, ran for a seat in the Utah state legislature. Much like his career, this effort turned out to be futile.

And, finally, she’s not really an athlete and it’s not really a sport, but former WWE CEO Linda McMahon lost her incredibly expensive senate race in Connecticut. The winner, current state AG Richard Blumenthal, likes to swim.

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