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New Fall Fashions

Justin October 14, 2010 0

With a tip of the hat to our good friend, Beltway Buddy,  here’s a few samples from barstool sports latest t-shirt collection. Each one’s a winner

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Justin Bieber needs to learn his place when talking about Tom Brady

King Ing October 14, 2010 9

Everyone knows I love me some Justin Bieber. But this young man better slow his roll because I love me Tom Brady a lot more. How dare you try to “106 & Park” the

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Brett Favre getting a little ball on balls action

King Ing October 14, 2010 0

Here you have Brett Favre trying to make a nonchalant one handed catch of a football. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t execute and his poor groin suffers the consequences. This happened to me at

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Chinese Kung-Fu over Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

King Ing October 13, 2010 0

Check out this brawl between China and Brazil during their “friendly” basketball game.A lot of missed punches and kicks in this one. Watch out for my man Wang Zhi Zhi. Actually he didn’t do

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These Alex Ovechkin ads are out just in time for Halloween

King Ing October 12, 2010 0

CCM’s new ads staring the head of Alex Ovechkin are starting to float around the internet. And while some might find them more on the creepy side, I for one actually enjoy Ovie and

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Four Days in Cocktober

Justin October 12, 2010 0

It’s been a big week for cock.  Let’s run through news

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Who is this hot Florida Gator fan?

King Ing October 12, 2010 0

If anyone can figure out who this hot chick is from last Saturday’s Florida v LSU game it would be Frathouse Sports

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Good Books, Bad Jobs and Terrible Language

Justin October 9, 2010 1

First of all, I’d like to thank Michael Weinreb for filling in last week. He did a great job and I’m not too proud to say I may steal some of the ideas he

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Adler < Strahan

Justin October 8, 2010 0

Because this is the sort of question that America needs answered… Yes, Michael Strahan was a better defensive lineman than New Jersey Democrat John Adler is a Congressman. The connection that proves my thesis

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Jeremy Lin shows the world that Asians can dance

King Ing October 8, 2010 0

As part of rookie hazing, the Golden St Warriors made their first year players do the dougie. While most of them gave little to no effort, it was Ekpe Udoh and Jeremy Lin stealing

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