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Leave it to Yankees fans

King Ing October 20, 2010 1

To figure out a way to drop about 50 F bombs in a ten second span after the Robinson Cano homerun. I can’t stop watching this. You find something new each and everytime you

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From Hippies to Hipsters

Justin October 19, 2010 1

In the past, The San Francisco Giants have had performers like the Grateful Dead and Bruce Hornsby sing the National Anthem before important games. For Game 3 of the NLCS, they went with a

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This is how Canadian football teams treat the fans

King Ing October 19, 2010 3

This fight at the Ontario Football Conference semi-final game between the St. Leonard team and some fans made the Ron Artest fiasco at the Palace look like childs play. “An estimated 10 to 20

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What’s A 9 Letter Word For Forgotten Franchise? ISLANDERS

Justin October 19, 2010 0

Not only are they the most surprising first place team of the young NHL season, but the New York Islanders are also the most popular team among the crossword puzzle set. They took part

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The Crackle Wonders: Nathan Rabin

Justin October 19, 2010 0

Let’s get this out in the open right off the top, Here’s a partial list of “great” movies I have never seen: The Godfather The Godfather Part 2 The Shawshank Redemption Gladiator Braveheart Schindlers

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About time Tim Lincecum got his own theme song

King Ing October 18, 2010 0

The New York Yankees might have had “Empire State of Mind” as their song during the championship run of last year. But check out what the San Francisco Giants are bringing to the table

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NBC: Nuthin’ But Cameltoe

Justin October 17, 2010 1

I thought their’s were supposed to be sideways

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Caption This: Game 1 of ALCS

California Correspondent October 16, 2010 1

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Kid Doctors, Kid Brothers and Kid Agents

Justin October 15, 2010 0

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it. There is no way that Doogie Howser could possibly have become a practicing doctor at any hospital in the world. Time Warner cable added a new channel

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Brett Favre in Taiwanese CGI form

King Ing October 15, 2010 0

Just another reason why Asians rule! Check out the Taiwanese CGI version of Brett Favre and his sexting escapades to Jenn Sterger. My favorite part was the QB moving into the “doghouse” with Tiger

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