Four Days in Cocktober

Justin October 12, 2010 0

It’s been a big week for cock.  Let’s run through news.

-NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is going to make like a urologist and look into Brett Favre’s cock. The incident was the main headline in last night’s Jets-Vikings game, a contest full of players who are no stranger to cock shots. Both Vikings tight end  Visanthe Schiancoe and Jets wideout Santonio Holmes have famously flashed their action publicly.

-In Atlanta, Bobby Cox is finished. The Braves manager is retiring after the team lost to the Giants in the NLDS. He goes out as the fourth winningest manager in Major League history. Also, he is a wife beater

-Over the weekend, The University of South Carolina Game Cocks knocked off number 1 Alabama. There’s a joke in there about cocks and crimson tides, but, at the moment, I’m struggling to come up with it.

-Courtney Cox is pulling out of her marriage with David Arquette. He spoke about it on Howard Stern this morning.

-Edward Cox, the head of the New York State Republican party, is trying to get a crazy person elected Governor. And speaking of cock, Carl Paladino doesn’t want to see you shake yours in front of his children.

So, there you have it.

Thank you for shopping at Justin’s dick joke and wordplay emporium.  Please come again.

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