Adler < Strahan

Justin October 8, 2010 0

Because this is the sort of question that America needs answered…

Yes, Michael Strahan was a better defensive lineman than New Jersey Democrat John Adler is a Congressman.

The connection that proves my thesis is Jon Runyan.

During their many NFC East battles over the years, Michael Strahan consistently beat Jon Runyan off the line, and did it without any help.

Now Runyan is running for Congress as a Republican against the incumbent, John Adler.  Adler decided it would take more than a swim move to get past the former O-lineman.

Adler, a first-term Democratic lawmaker, and his campaign remained mum about a report in the Courier-Post of Cherry Hill in which Democratic operatives speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed what Republicans have believed for months: That tea-party candidate Peter DeStefano was put on the ballot by Democrats.

The idea is that DeStefano would split GOP votes with Runyan, clearing the way for Adler to win re-election.

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