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Justin September 24, 2010 0

(Hi.  John again from 200 Miles From the Citi.  This is my last fill-in for Justin during his ultra-busy fall.  He’ll have another week away next week, and I think he has someone special lined up for his SI Review, so stay tuned for that.  Not that I’m not special, just that….I’m not.)

I was all set to make fun of Justin in this introduction this week, because he’s a bridesmaid.  He’s at a wedding where he is in the wedding party on the bride’s side.  Which makes him a bridesmaid.  So, since Justin leads the world in wedding party appearances, the joke would have been something along the lines of, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…..”

But then tonight I saw a guy in a Celtics shirt.  Not just any Celtics shirt.  One of those “Property of Boston Celtics” shirts.  I’ve never understood that shirt.  I remember I got a “Property of New York Mets” t-shirt when I was a kid.  Confused me.  Did they own the shirt?  Did they own me?  Should I have owned the shirt if it was their property?  Could they possibly own me if I never played for them?  Confusing, right?

I think of that situation every time I see one of those shirts.  And it seemed to me tonight to be the perfect random introduction to this review, because Justin’s introductions have gotten more and more random as the weeks have gone on.  So, without further ado, the review for Sports Illustrated for September 27, 2010….

And oh yeah…Justin’s a bridesmaid.


As you probably know, I love Justin’s SI reviews.  But here’s a criticism, to show I can offer some up – he rarely comments on pictures.  Since it is Sports Illustrated, after all, I’m going to give some love to the photogs.  The cover image is one of the best of the year – I can’t remember the last action shot that looked this good.  Beautiful day, beautiful park, beautiful view, beautiful swing.  Great picture.  (I was going to credit the photographer, but this I don’t get.  The credit goes to Tom Dahlin and Marilyn Indahl.  How do two people take one picture?  Coincidence both of their names feature the consecutive letters “dahl”?  This has me baffled.)


I’m starting “Pregame” with “Leading Off”, because there’s another incredible picture here – not so much for photographic prowess, but for uniqueness.  The picture of the Indian gymnast is incredible.  (Sorry, can’t find an image to link to – if somebody can, it’s worth a look.)

I hope we never see the “SI Apology Index” again.  I don’t love the player poll that usually appears in this spot, but I’ll take it over this worthless chart.

Kind of a loaded Scorecard this week – a good analysis of the decision Derek Jeter and the Yankees face (I’ll channel Justin and guess the “three baseball scouts contacted” by Joe Posnanski for this story worked for the Kansas City Royals).  An interview with Danny McBride about the new season of Eastbound & Down, which I’ve never watched but should probably give  a test…I’m surprised this guy’s not an athlete.  A couple of interesting short pieces on Ken Burns’ follow-up to the Baseball documentary, and disturbing news about college cheerleaders and their eating habits.  Good stuff all around – and then the “Inside the Week In Sports” has Baseball, Football, College Football, Fantasy Football (though Maurice Jones-Drew is not in the magazine this week, just teased on-line), and NASCAR.  Good reading all.


Oh, Brother…That’s Cruel by Damon Hack

Great take on the Peyton-Eli Manning Colts-Giants game last week.  It’s been done to death, and this was a unique and personal version of the story, not a redundant game recap.  Justin and I often joke that we have been surpassed in level of success and popularity by our younger brothers.  Neither one of us minds.  This article made it easy to relate our experiences to Peyton Manning – a nice human touch to a sometimes larger-than-life figure.

The Perfect Player by Kelli Anderson

Wow…talk about building up expectations for a guy.  I read this story, though, the day after the Braylon Edwards DUI went down, so my take on it is – I wish everyone were like Owen Marecic.

Still Going Strong by Joe Posnanski

We could use more Jim Thomes too.  Very good profile by Posnanski.

The Elusive Dr. Galea by David Epstein and Melissa Segura

I’m not sure if you remember this, but I’m a bit obsessive and need to read every word in the magazine every week.  If you don’t have to, I would say skip this.

The Education of Demetrius Walker by George Dohrmann

Here’s a book excerpt.  I wonder about the book excerpts, because I rarely read the books that are excerpted.  Do they take different parts of the book and put them together in these excerpt stories?  If they do, this one seemed particularly disjointed.  It was hard for me to keep some people straight.  I guess Demetrius Walker is the only one you need to keep straight.  He’s still playing college ball – I feel bad that he has to deal with an article/book like this while he’s still trying to play college basketball.

POINT AFTER by Phil Taylor

Taylor makes a good point that monetary punishments would be a better deterrent to NCAA violations than invalidating team’s past performances.

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