An Open Letter to the Internet

Justin September 21, 2010 0

Dear Internet,

Fuck you.

In the past 2 weeks, our beloved website has been hacked, our server has crashed and then, this morning, we were impacted by the creepy Twitter mouse over bug.

Why, Internet, Why?

It’s been terribly unpleasant. The server issue forced 2/3 of our committed staff to spend hours on the phone with IT professionals or meticulously combing through lines of code to streamline our operation. (I represent the other 1/3.)

The hacking infected my home computer, forcing me to deal with IT professionals IN PERSON, which meant having them ask me questions that I neither understand nor have a decent answer for. Also, the fix was expensive.

The Twitter thing? Well, that was pretty much just annoying.

And while we’re at it, how come when you transfer a live album into Itunes, they clip the introductions to songs at the end of the previous track instead of at the beginning of the next one.  All that does is frustrate the listener who just heard Dave Groehl deliver a thorough introduction of a song, got psyched for it then heard “Man Eater by Hall and Oates instead.

(“Well, Justin, you can fix that by not having Hall and Oates on your Ipod. Screw you, you judgmental fuck. Hall and Oates is solid music.”)

Anyway, internet, its time to pick up your game. All we want is to please you. Why do you constantly shit on us.

Also, thanks for the porno. Everyone here is a big fan.


The Staff of SportsCracklePop.

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