What’s Adam Reading?

Justin September 16, 2010 1

Every day, ESPN’s Adam Schefter provides an update on the latest NFL news during Sportscenter. And while I’m sure what he’s saying is interesting, I find myself far more fascinated by what’s behind him. I can’t help but stare at the bookshelf and it’s contents.

This picture was taken sometime in August. We can make out a number of books on the shelves. It’s no surprise that someone who works as a sports journalist would have his den filled with works by some of the biggest names in sports writing

Both Bo knows Bo by Bo Jackson with Dick Schaap and Fab Five by Mitch Albom are well known tomes that are easily recognizable on the bottom shelf, behind a regulation NFL football. But what’s that book facing forward on the shelf above them? A quick google search of The Class of Football reveals that it’s:

an Insightful, poignant, inspiring, and witty, The Class of Football is a heartfelt collection of hard-earned wisdom and life’s lessons from the Hall-of-Fame induction speeches of the NFL’s all-time greatest players.

And it’s written by…. Adam Schefter

Also, take a look at either side of Mr. Schefter’s head in the picture above. There’s a thin green book that appears to have a picture of the author’s face on the spine.  He has two copies.  Stop trying to impress people with the amount of books you’ve read by doubling up, Adam. THAT’S  CHEATING!

There’s also apparently something from Pete Hamill. It’s probably about drinking.

To Adam’s left (our right) are a couple of books covered up in this picture by old Super Bowl tickets. Luckily, we can see behind them in this video

Here, it appears Adam is going off the Sports page and into the land of literary giants.

He has Bonfire of the Vanities by Thomas Wolfe and something else by Philip Roth. Has he actually read these books or does he just have them to look smart?  Does he think the Bonfire of the Vanities is incredibly overrated? Does he think Thomas Wolfe wrote a novel featuring nothing but despicable characters as a way of making himself feel better for his own personality faults?

That shelf also has Love and Infamy by Frank Deford. It’s a hybrid of sorts; a novel about Pearl Harbor that’s written by one of the pioneers of Sports Journalism. Next to that is something titled War, with a subtitle that’s too small to see. Try Googling that. There are quite a few books written in history with the title, War. I can’t figure out which one this is.

He has the Michigan football helmet because he went there Undergrad before getting a Masters in journalism from Northwestern.  First of all, a Masters in journalism is the most useless degree in history. Secondly, do you think Schefter reaches back to the lessons of his extremely extensive (and expensive) education while tracking Brett Favre’s movements through Hattiesburg, Mississippi every off season? What a waste!

This completes our journey through the bookshelf and mind of Adam Schefter. What have we learned? Nothing. But have we wasted some valuable time? Most definitely.

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  1. John September 16, 2010 at 8:24 pm -

    Something tells me this whole entry was spurred by your hatred of “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. Which is another way of saying, Nice Work.

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