What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin September 8, 2010 0

The latest season of HBO’s Hard Knocks closes with a happy ending. Let’s all sing Cumbauya while we discuss what just happened.

-This episode of Hard Knocks was far more theatrical than the previous ones. It seemed to follow a script. That was both good and bad. We’ll start with the bad. It seemed strange that the producers decided to squeeze in stories about players on the bubble. We didn’t know Corey Reamer or that Hawaiian linebacker until this week. So watching them get cut didn’t elicit the reaction that it was supposed to.

-Jason Davis came off like a dick. Granted, he was in something of a no-win situation, stuck behind Tony Richardson and John Conner, but how could he refuse reps in practice? Thank god his wife is going to be a Claire Huxtable lawyer, because if I was an NFL GM and I was watching Hard Knocks, I would not sign Jason Davis.

– I love Mike Westhoff. But where did that story about the Australian dogs come from?

-We saw the full range of Rex emotions tonight. The scene with him and Brian Schottenheimer reminiscing about high school football and talking about winning rings for their fathers was touching. We also saw a few flashes of real anger. Once when a linebacker was out of position, but most tellingly, during the Revis negotiation.

-Ah, yes, the Revis situation. It seems like the Jets handled it well. I came away this week impressed by Mike Tannenbaum. He seems like a smart guy and a good negotiator who genuinely cares about the guys he deals with. Also, he’s a bit of a schlub in his too small t-shirts and flip flops. That makes him a bit more likable.

– I expected some discussion about Tony Richardson being cut then resigned a day later. It’s a strange omission.

-My initial point about this week’s theatrical nature came to a head once Revis signed. It was a Hollywood ending, complete with great final scene. Revis counting them down to end the final practice of the preseason was really cool.

– What did our Jet fans think?

Beltway Buddy:

The last show and I’m kind of sad it’s over as much as I hated it, but as Justin reminds me at least it means the real thing is here.

As a Jets fan, I’m really disappointed they didn’t show one thing this week… the Tony Richardson cut and then re-signing the next day. Here’s the heart of the offense. The team leader. A mentor to so many young players. Hell, the union rep for the team.

When he was cut, a lot of players were pissed.

Yet, HBO doesn’t show one reaction to it? Instead, they FINALLY spend time on some rookies and scrubs destined to be cut?

Overall, I leave with a sense of disappointment from the show. A classic case of “careful what you wish for.” Here’s hoping all the fooling around Nacho Sanchez did during camp doesn’t lead to Testeverde-like interception numbers.

I hate being a Jets fan.

And John, at 200 Miles From the Citi

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