The Week That Changed The Internet Forever

Justin September 1, 2010 0

It has now been 7 days since my twitter account first graced the world wide web. What have I learned so far?

I’ve learned that Paul F Tompkins is the funniest tweeter. OldHossRadbourn is a close second.

I’ve learned that baseball writers are relentless and all post the same scoops about trades at the same time, whether it be Manny Ramirez or Manny Delcarmen.

I’ve learned that I enjoy reading the New York Times online all at once, as opposed to clicking on specific Twitter links.

I’ve learned that not every “guy” is a good “sport.” Even some sports guys. Some of them are angry, old and petty.

I’ve had my professional credibility questioned, even though the reports later turned out to be true.

I’ve learned that 140 characters is more than enough.

I’ve learned that this shit is fucking addictive. I’ve hit refresh 5 times since I started writing this.

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