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The Cowboys are truly America’s team

King Ing August 18, 2010 0

Only in America will you find a shirtless guy in a kitchen sing a song about the Dallas Cowboys making the Super Bowl. Actually you will probably find fans from all over the world

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The Interview Heard Round The World

Justin August 17, 2010 0

Former New York Giant Bobby Thompson has died at the age of 86. He was obviously most famous for his homerun against the Dodgers’ Ralph Branca in 1951. Someone who looks and sounds like

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Did you all get a good look at Eva Longoria’s backside?

King Ing August 17, 2010 13

They say a picture says a thousand words. This one of Eva Longoria bending over at the Team USA v France exhibition might say a few more. Look at the number of eyes glued

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“Time to Collect”

King Ing August 16, 2010 0

What do you get when you put Adrian Peterson and Shaquille O’Neal together with Gary Busey? One idiotic Vitamin Water commercial. I would not like to be caught alone in a dark alley with

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AFC Betting Preview

Sponsor August 16, 2010 0

We take a look at the betting opportunities in the NFL AFC Conference 2011 AFC Conference betting is off to a brisk start as NFL bettors wager on the futures market that sets the

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Magic Johnson and Larry Bird killed their Hall of Fame speech

King Ing August 14, 2010 1

That 1992 Dream Team was as good as it gets and to watch them get inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame brought a tear to my eye. I love how Magic

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Peaking, Stealing and Catching Up With The Gilmore Girls

Justin August 13, 2010 2

I have a problem. Well, I have a lot of problems. Today, we will focus on one. It ends with a funny story, though, and you all like funny stories. Here’s the problem: I

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The US National team wasn’t the only one that got beatdown

King Ing August 13, 2010 0

So did this poor guy. He was probably just enjoying the USA-Brazil friendly on Tuesday night until the man in the Affliction shirt confronted him for hating Ed Hardy. As you can see in

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How cool is this picture

King Ing August 13, 2010 0

It’s Team USA bitches

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Jerrod Johnson is the new Teddy Riley

King Ing August 12, 2010 0

In between looking at college football over/under win totals for the upcoming season I found this great video on Outside the Boxscore of Jerrod Johnson singing “No Diggity” by one of my favorite R&B

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