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Justin August 25, 2010 1

Last week, I went to the Yankee game with a friend from work. We had a good time and the Yankees won and I ate some fries and everything was great.

But, she was completely distracted by the internet. She spent the game taking pictures with her phone, posting them on facebook and adding captions then reading the responses from her friends. She got caught up in trying to switch from 3G to Yankee Stadium Wi-Fi. She refreshed the box score on her mlb app. The only time she put down her Iphone was when she reached into her purse to take out her blackberry to check her work email.

It seemed like she was so caught up in chronicling her experience at the game, that she forgot to actually have an experience at the game.

I’m not trying to single anyone out. I’m just citing an example of something that I see all too much. As a culture, we’ve gotten completely obsessed with letting other people know what we think and where we are and who else is there with us. And as a result, we’ve started missing out on the simple joys of being there or thinking that or spending time with the people we’re with.

Anyway. I have a Twitter now.

(When you think I’m going to zig, I fucking ZAG!)
Justin Schrager

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  1. King Ing August 25, 2010 at 1:04 pm -

    BEST PHOTO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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