Malice and Magic: Hard Knocks 2010

Justin August 25, 2010 0

Three weeks down. Three more to go.

Let’s discuss the latest edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

-Rex is obviously the center of this entire series. And he’s absolutely shining as a result. Week 1 showed his profane, player-friendly side, week 2 showed his strategist side and in Week 3, we saw Rex’s human side. He showed it when cutting the 2nd string punter, in person, because he wanted the kid to know how impressed he was by his improvement. He showed it when he was obviously emotionally crushed when Ropati Pitoitua tore his achilles, and he showed it by being able to laugh at himself during the rookie talent show

-If Rex is the center of this HBO show, Mike Westhoff gets 2nd billing.  The special teams coach uses similarly salty language and seems to engender the same loyalty from his players. Also, he invented a disease this week. I would not want to contract the “Triple Fucking Asian Flu.” Sounds terrible.

-On a similar note, I was expecting Bart Scott to play a much bigger role in the series. He pops up for one quick funny line every week and then vanishes back into the crowd. I’m a little disappointed.

-Why is Woody Johnson everywhere? The Jets owner is on the sideline, in the coaches’ meetings, in the tunnel after the games and even on the treadmill with Rexy and Tannenbaum.

-Kudos to the writers for squeezing in a musical theater reference. When Mangold signed his long term deal, they said “He’s a Jet all the way.” That’s from West Side Story, boys and girls.

-Speaking of Latinos..  at the end of last week’s episode, they showed previews of this week’s installment. Among the clips was footage of Mark “Nacho” Sanchez explaining a Mexican restaurant menu to his teammates. But, that was cut from this weeks’ episode. If I can’t laugh at someone’s ethnicity, I feel like I got gypped. Luckily, the conversation between the rookie cornerback and the DB coach was like watching a Tyler Perry movie. Also, the term “gypped” is actually a derogatory reference to Gypsies. So… there you go.

-We found out tonight that Darrelle Revis (or his agent) has a cell phone with a 914 area code. Jets fans,  start dialing. I’m not sure how many possible phone number combinations exist in this particular logarithm, but it has got to be worth a shot.

Finally, as we do every week, lets check in with our two favorite Jet fans. First, our commenter, Beltway Buddy via GChat.

I don’t like watching this show. I thought the Jets being featured would be awesome. I was wrong, it couldn’t suck more. Watching this show is like doing homework. I look for every little detail, try to read into every little situation. I can’t enjoy it, no matter how hard I try. I don’t get to fall in love with another team’s players, get to adopt another team to follow through the season, keep track of some giant Hawaiian I’d never heard of before.

I guess just like every other year in my life, the Jets have disappointed me… and the season hasn’t even started yet.

and now… John from 200 Miles From the Citi, who has the exact opposite opinion.

That’s why we check in with both of them.

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