Rajon Rondo is better than everybody

King Ing August 4, 2010 1


Rajon Rondo wants you to know that if you lack an NBA Championship ring you are scum to him. Well at least that is what his t-shirt says.

Don’t worry Celtics fans. Our point guard isn’t getting a big head, he is just shooting a commercial for the new NBA 2K11 game with Derrick Rose and David Lee.

I mean even Rose gets his own t-shirt. But how come no one gets David Lee one?

And why isn’t Michael Jordan at the shoot? Isn’t he the coverboy?

-H/T You Been Blinded



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  1. Forest Bunyan May 26, 2011 at 3:17 am -

    DRose is unstoppable, he just has to figure it out again

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