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Lance’s New Goal: Prevent Contador From Winning

California Correspondent July 11, 2010 0

It’s been a frustrating tour of France for the man who had won it seven consecutive times. Today Lance was knocked off his bike on three separate occasions, putting him 10+ minutes behind the

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Don’t Sugarcoat It

Justin July 11, 2010 0

LeBron is in the city for Carmelo’s wedding this weekend. My guess is he bought the Daily News when he went for his egg sandwich and coffee this morning

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It Was Actually Worse Than You Remember

Justin July 10, 2010 0

Will Leitch has composed a list of every player to wear a Knick uniform between the day LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Melo were drafted in 2003 and this week, when 3 of them decided

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How much money is in this picture?

King Ing July 10, 2010 0

I guess when you go to Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez’s wedding there are bound to be a bunch of celebrities there. So what do you think the total net worth of all the

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Fuck it, I’m Wearing Jeans

Justin July 9, 2010 1

Am I downtown chic? I am hip and fun? These are questions I’ve been asking myself for the better part of a week. I am not having an existential crisis or looking to recreate

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An Open Letter to New Knick Amare Stoudemire

Justin July 9, 2010 2

Dear Amare Stoudemire, Welcome to New York. Despite our collective despair over being spurned by LeBron James, we are certainly happy to have you here. In fact, I will go so far as to

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Mike “The Situation” & Cristiano Ronaldo are one in the same

King Ing July 9, 2010 7

I knew I was onto something when I first posted about Cristiano Ronaldo doing the Mike “The Situation” workout. And now people are starting to catch on. According to Page Six: “Gelled hair? Check.

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Justin Bieber, you are never wrong in my eyes

King Ing July 9, 2010 2

If you know me, you know of my infatuation with great television shows like”The Hills” and love for the music of tween pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. In my eyes Lauren

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Reuters always finds a way to make me laugh

King Ing July 7, 2010 1

It looks like Walter Dix really wore down Tyson Gay

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Get Out The Vote

Justin July 6, 2010 3

Earlier today, I recieved an email from Here are some highlights

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