Forget baseball, the Phillies are masters of blackjack

King Ing July 20, 2010 0


I am not saying this is the reason why the Philadelphia Phillies are going to lose me my over 93 win bet this season, but I do need to justify why a team this good can be so mediocre. Yeah yeah it could be the injuries, but this is more fun. Take a look at what Crossing Broad found out after the Fightins loss last night against the Cardinals.

“Russ Kelly on Twitter mentioned it (@russkelly): Jason Werth and a some other Phaillies are at a St. Louis casino at this hour. Hope they play extra crappy tomorrow.

That tweet was at almost 4 AM central time.

Andrew from St. Louis, who played with the guys, tells us:

“I was at Lumiere Casino in Downtown St. Louis on the River Front last night between the hours of 12:30AM-2:00AM (3 AM est). As I saw and noticed it was Werth and Utley that were sitting across the High Limit room at their own Private table when I walked up and they invited me to join the game. Yeah, definitely really cool guys, I felt like one of them the way they interacted with me, even though I was a cards fan. Wishing them best of luck in a sincere way throughout the rest of the season. The money they were playing with wasn’t huge, I mean i’ve seen bigger, but it definitely was a chunk of change… I’d say 8000. Not really drunk, maybe tipsy, but not drunk at all.”

These are the exact things I want to hear on my teams when I do my MLB betting. Playing blackjack until 4am! But in all honesty I would probably be sitting right next to Chase and Jayson if I was a pro ballplayer. Actually you can pretty much find me doing the same thing now.

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