2010 NFL Over/Under Win Totals

King Ing July 15, 2010 0


So the 2010/2011 NFL Over/Under win totals are now out and at first glance I see a couple that really stand out. The Houston Texans over 8 wins is a must bet for me. They have improved their record every year since their debut. If they can continue that trend we are looking at 9 wins minimum and with the combo of Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson who will doubt them.

I am very bullish on the San Francisco 49ers (8.5 wins) this year. They feature a well rounded offense as well as a stingy defense. Frank Gore will punish you on the ground, while Alex Smith spreads the field with the likes of Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Ted Ginn. Add the fact that Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin have moved out of the division and I think 10 wins for this team is realistic.

Big Ben missing 4 games and the fact that the Steelers can’t keep anyone healthy makes me lean toward the under 9 wins. A homer pick says the Patriots (over 9.5) win the AFC East over the Jets and Dolphins. What jumps out at you guys? After looking at these over/unders I can’t wait for the season to start so I can bet on the NFL.

2010 NFL Over/Under Win Totals

Arizona Cardinals 7.5 wins

Atlanta Falcons 9 wins

Baltimore Ravens 10 wins

Buffalo Bills 5.5 wins

Carolina Panthers 7.5 wins

Chicago Bears 8 wins

Cincinnati Bengals 7.5 wins

Cleveland Browns 5.5 wins

Dallas Cowboys 9.5 wins

Denver Broncos 7.5 wins

Detroit Lions 5 wins

Green Bay Packers 9.5 wins

Houston Texans 8 wins

Indianapolis Colts 11 wins

Jacksonville Jaguars 7 wins

Kansas City Chiefs 6.5 wins

Miami Dolphins 8.5 wins

Minnesota Vikings 9.5 wins

New England Patriots 9.5 wins

New Orleans Saints 10.5 wins

New York Giants 8.5 wins

New York Jets 9.5 wins

Oakland Raiders 6 wins

Philadelphia Eagles 8.5 wins

Pittsburgh Steelers 9 wins

San Diego Chargers 11 wins

San Francisco 49ers 8.5 wins

Seattle Seahawks 7.5 wins

St. Louis Rams 5 wins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5.5 wins

Tennessee Titans 8.5 wins

Washington Redskins 7.5 wins

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