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Justin July 14, 2010 2

Two days with no sports. What are we to do?

“But, Justin, The WNBA is a sport and they have 5 games over the next two days, and the MLS is a sport and they have 2 games tonight.”

Are you serious? Shut up. There are no sports on tonight or tomorrow night. The Espys is for retards too. Don’t watch it unless you want to hear 600 jokes comparing the Decision to the Situation.

Actual sports fans will have to adjust their viewing habits until baseball returns Friday. Luckily, SportsCracklePop is here to help with a Wednesday/Thursday viewing guide.


8pm: Watch your dvr’d episode of The Good Guys from Monday Night. What? You don’t watch that show or dvr it or even know what it is? Well, my friends, it’s good stuff. It’s an hourlong cop sitcom starring Tom Hanks’ son and Josh Liman from the West Wing. And HE HAS A WACKY MUSTACHE AND A STRANGE TEXAS ACCENT. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

9pm: OK, you’re human. You can check in on the Espy’s. Hey, a Lance Armstrong joke. Awesome. Switch back

9:01pm: Real Sports is on HBO. Pete Carroll will answer questions about why no one calls him on being an obvious cheater who jumped ship from USC as soon as all that cheating was about to be made public. Also, a piece on Female bodybuilding.

10:00pm: Watch Psyche on USA. Tonight is the season premiere. Another excellent hourlong sitcom featuring a former West Wing cast member. I think everyone kind of agrees this is a really funny show. Do you need convincing?

11:00pm: Go to bed. Why not? How about waking up for work tomorrow morning refreshed, because you got a full night of sleep. Don’t force it. There’s absolutely nothing else on. The Daily Show is re-runs this week anyway.


8:00pm: Watch the episode of Louie you dvr’d Tuesday night. This show is amazing.  Louie CK is one of the funniest 2 or 3 standup comics working today and this show is a perfectly profane dramatization of his routine. I think it may go down as one of the great adult comedies of all time.

8:30pm: Watch John Wall. I guess there are some sports on. NBA TV has the NBA summer league from Vegas. The top pick in last month’s draft leads his Washington Wizards team against a bunch of guys who won’t make the Mavericks. The interviews with guys on the sidelines tend to be more interesting.

10:00pm: Read a book. This past weekend was the 50th anniversary of To Kill A Mockingbird. That’s a classic. Check it out again. Or read something lighter, like that copy of Sh*t My Dad Says that you got for winning that contest on SportsCracklePop last month. OH YEAH, YOU DIDN”T WIN BECAUSE NO ONE BOTHERED TO ENTER. It’s a free book, you dipshits. Just type something in the comments section and I’ll give you one. God damnit!

11:00pm: Watch Charlie Rose on PBS, but do it in bed. Chances are, you will hate this. I hate it almost every time I watch, and I watch every night. He gets good guests then talks over them for an hour. On the plus side, the studio is black and no  one yells and you end up drifting off peacefully to sleep.


  1. bshrek July 14, 2010 at 5:00 pm -

    and you wonder why we never let you have the remote…jeeezzuss

  2. Douchey Mcgee July 16, 2010 at 12:21 pm -

    Why do you watch a show you hate every night? Can I have a free book now?

    You really got dominated on that catcher article huh?

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