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ESPN has a World Cup Food Truck

King Ing June 10, 2010 0

ESPN is really going all out this World Cup. They are spending a ton of money on advertising and just recently announced they are going to televise 25 of the games in 3-D. But

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The Crowd in DC was Dead Last Night

Justin June 9, 2010 0

How good was Strasburg last night?  Well, he was so impressive that Heath Ledger apparently rose from the grave and grabbed a seat in the mezzanine

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Guillermo goes to NBA Media Day

King Ing June 9, 2010 1

Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to the NBA Finals Media Day to ask the hard hitting question we were all wondering about. Which players on the Lakers and Celtics have seen the new Sex and

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You want a World Cup preview

King Ing June 9, 2010 0

You asked for a World Cup preview, so here it is. Courtesy of the great guys over at Sparty and Friends. Actually during the tournament I will be more focused on giving you my

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Adidas – Star Wars Cantina

King Ing June 7, 2010 0

With Nike and Puma releasing their World Cup videos it was only a matter of time before Adidas released theirs. Instead of focusing on the game itself, they spent a crapload of money to

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Nate Robinson and Brian Scalabrine did a lot of dancing

King Ing June 7, 2010 0

What a game! You had Ray Allen killing the Lakers in the first half, and then Rajon Rondo finished them off Mortal Combat style. But the highlight of the night for me was watching

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Hey, Everyone, It’s a Media Feud!!!!!

Justin June 6, 2010 0

I don’t like NY Post media columnist Phil Mushnick. In fact, I’ve written about it before.  I think he’s a hypocrite and a phony and I don’t think anything he says is ever constructive. 

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Redd Foxx, Black Hawks, and the Ol’ Red, White and Blue

Justin June 5, 2010 0

John Wooden was 99 years old. He coached his last game at UCLA three years before I was born. I have no particular affinity for the UCLA program or any of the players who

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Kobe Bryant: All Together Now

King Ing June 4, 2010 0

Here is Nike’s new commercial featuring Andre 3000 covering the Beatles’ “All Together Now” during a Kobe Bryant highlight reel. Don’t worry, if you hate the Black Mamba as much as I do you

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How About Some Fucking Perspective?

Justin June 3, 2010 0

Yes, it was bad. Jim Joyce made a terrible call. A perfectly pleasant gentleman destined to have a very pedestrian major league career was robbed of his moment of immortality. But Jim Joyce apologized.

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