Journeys in Dark Humor

Justin June 28, 2010 0 all accounts, Manute Bol was a selfless and great man whose life was cut tragically short by a disease he contracted while trying to better the lives of others.

Still, he was very tall, so he is open to some mockery. When I told my friends he died and they asked what happened, I said “He got hit in the head with a plane.”

Congratulations to Sportspickle for doing a much better job of finding humor in tragedy:

Former NBA point guard Muggsy Bogues flew to Sudan today to get a series of photographs taken of him standing next to Manute Bol’s casket. “Yeah! Who’s shorter now?” Bogues said grinning as the photographer he hired snapped away. “Five-foot-three is way taller than under the ground! Woooooo!”

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