Great Moments in Migraines

Justin June 2, 2010 2

Today is the 85th anniversary of Wally Pipp’s headache. You know the story by now. He was the starting first baseman for the Yankees, he begged out of the lineup one day because of a headache, Lou Gehrig started in his place and then continued playing for the next decade or so.

In honor of this occassion, I will now list, in descending order, my top 5 favorite headache remedies.

5. A Bloody Mary- I am a recent convert to the ol’ hair of the dog school of remedial medicine. I drank a few Bloody Mary’s following a particularly tough night in Austin, Texas. It got me moving again.

4. Advil- It’s my favorite of the name brand pain relievers. The orange coating is a bit sweet, which makes taking Advil more pleasant than swallowing chalky Tylenol.  I have not tried Aleve or Nuprin. I doubt Nuprin even exists anymore

3. Ibutabs- These are generic ibuprofen tablets that used to be stocked in my office medicine chest. What makes them so good? In addition to whatever chemical elements are in Advil, the makers of generic ibutabs load their medicine with life affirming caffeine, the greatest of the naturally occurring stimulants.

2. Coffee- It is the nectar of the gods. The vast majority of my headaches are due to caffeine deficiency. This is because I am chemically dependant on it to live. Generally, a cup or 5 of delicious dark Italian roast has me back on the road to recovery.

1. Not being a pussy- It’s a freakin’ headache, Wally. Man up. Your leg isn’t coming off. If I get a headache at work, do you know what I do? Nothing. I keep working. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the dude who’s backing you up is kind of a tough guy. He plays hurt. I bet, every now again, there were some headaches associated with Lou Gehrig’s disease. But he played through it.


  1. bshrek June 2, 2010 at 3:31 pm -

    you forgot to mention how you tried your 1st bloody mary when the rest of us were on Beer 4. MAN UP!!

  2. Beltway Buddy June 3, 2010 at 1:47 pm -

    You also forgetting “jerking off”. It gets the blood flowing away from the brain. Its science.

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