24 Cupcakes in 90 minutes for $25k…Could you do it?

King Ing June 2, 2010 1


People always ask the question, is poker a sport? I could care less about the answer. What I really love about the game is the degenerate activities that go on, especially the prop bets. Wicked Chops Poker tells us about the newest one featuring two poker pros at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

Howard Lederer, who challenged Andy Bloch to finish two dozen gourmet cupcakes in 90 minutes in return for $25k. In the grand scheme of eating prop bets, this one is pretty minor, but what makes it a touch more interesting is Andy Bloch is playing the $5,000 Shootout while attempting the challenge.”

Unfortunately Bloch could not get it done. From Howard Lederer’s twitter account.

@Andy_Bloch quit at 6. I have offered 5k for 15 and 10k for 20. Don’t think he’s going to try.

I love eating challenges, but there is no way I could do this one. The frosting alone would kick my ass. Then again I still think I can eat 300 buffalo wings in 6 hours.

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  1. Beebs June 5, 2010 at 12:49 am -

    You would eat 25 cupcakes like nobody’s busimess

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