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Dunk gone wrong

King Ing April 26, 2010 0

This guy shows us how not to dunk over 4 girls. Teabag city!

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The Ultimate Fantasy

Justin April 25, 2010 1

We are not a creative bunch. This absolutely great article from the Wall Street Journal proves it. The writer went through 100,000 fantasy baseball teams to figure out what sorts of names we’re picking.

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Skipping Class and Playing Video Games

Justin April 24, 2010 1

Was there a second secret NCAA championship game Monday night?  Did the world decide the Butler story was so great that it had to end with them winning a national title, so they replayed

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Bring on LeBron!!!

King Ing April 24, 2010 0

Paul Pierce just killing it with this game winner against the Miami Heat on Friday. On a sad note…look how uninterested Rasheed Wallace is in the celebration

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Another Kennedy Writes A Profile in Courage

Justin April 24, 2010 0

Kevin Kennedy was essentially a washout as a Major League Manager in Texas and Boston and he’s a completely average broadcaster.  But he’s apparently a bad ass motherfucker while on board commercial airliners

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Big Ben Violates Someone Else’s Wishes

Justin April 23, 2010 1

The NFL tried to do a nice thing last night, letting a kid from the Make A Wish Foundation announce his favorite team’s first round draft pick. Unfortunately, that young man’s favorite team is

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Trouble in Liverpool land?

King Ing April 23, 2010 0

This blind item has been floating around for a couple days and asks: “World Cup Wags has just come across some shocking news that is totally unconfirmed, but alleged to be just in from

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The Italians are ready to defend their World Cup title

King Ing April 23, 2010 0

As the best looking team in South Africa that is. Antonio Di Natale, Federico Marchetti, Domenico Criscito, Vincenzo Iaquinta, and Claudio Marchisio star in the new Dolce & Gabbana ad

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Caption This

King Ing April 22, 2010 0

Ndamukong Suh loves a little head

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The best thing to happen to Fordham sports since…

King Ing April 21, 2010 0

I don’t know when. Some of you might know that I went to Fordham University a long time ago. Back in the day when Connie Mack and Ray Carroll used to run train on

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