Forget Wearing an A on Your Jersey, How About AAA?

Justin April 29, 2010 0

The wheels came off the Washington Capitals last night, when they were forced from the playoffs by 8 seeded Montreal.

Clearly, forward Brooks Laich was paying attention, cause he was very helpful when someone else’s wheels came off later in the evening.

The Wangemanns — who are big Capitals fans — had hit a pothole on the way home from the game and had a flat tire. They had already called for assistance but had been told it would be a while before help arrived.

“We were getting a little spooked,” Mary Ann Wangemann told D.C. Sports Bog. “You feel pretty vulnerable right there.”

Laich, who scored Washington’s only goal in the 2-1 loss, installed the spare tire and even apologized to the pair for the team’s surprise early playoff exit during the 40-minute encounter.

It’s not like he had to get up for practice or anything this morning.

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