Another Kennedy Writes A Profile in Courage

Justin April 24, 2010 0

Kevin Kennedy was essentially a washout as a Major League Manager in Texas and Boston and he’s a completely average broadcaster.  But he’s apparently a bad ass motherfucker while on board commercial airliners.

Former major league manager and current Rays broadcaster Kevin Kennedy was among eight men who stopped a passenger who threatened to blow up their flight last night.

I’d like to think I would have the balls to do that if I was on board a flight where some wacko started spouting shit. But, judging by the way I react when I see someone fall down on the sidewalk, I would probably stay back just long enough for someone else to take action, then I would slowly sidle up and see if I could be any assistance. Because I am a pussy. I’m certainly not cool enough to say something like this:

“I elected to get unbuckled and take him out, as did the other guys,” Kennedy said. “That’s the choice we made without talking.”

Fuck yeah, Kevin Kennedy! He makes the decision to face off with a potential terrorist sound as simple as deciding whether or not to shell out four bucks for an airline headset.

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