Kim Kardashian hooks up with Cristiano Ronaldo

King Ing April 16, 2010 0

The Kress

This ended up being Cristiano Ronaldo week here at SCP. First was the rumor linking him to Imogen Thomas, then the spectacular story of CR9’s love for “fat girls.” Now we hear about a possible love connection between the soccer playboy and Kim Kardashian.

The ex-Playboy glamour girl was spotted SNOGGING in a top restaurant with cheeky winker Ronaldo, 25, after watching him play for Real Madrid.

And later she jumped in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes G-Wagon which discreetly followed Ronaldo’s Audi RS6 back to his city mansion.

Kim stayed about four hours. The following day she was driven to the airport in the same car to fly home to the States.”

I would love to see these two in a relationship! (My approval is all that counts in this world) And as you can see in the picture, Terrell Owens does as well.

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