Cristiano Ronaldo likes fat girls

King Ing April 15, 2010 0


Well according to gossip floating around the internet he does. Momento 24 brings us this gem from one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s flings.

“Naya, 21 years old, told her story that began with these exact words “Cristiano Ronaldo said to me: ‘ Fat girls suck it very well.” So he chose me.”

Naya ’s ‘tender story’ continued: “Ronaldo f… me three times. I give him 9.5, if not 10 points as a lover.”

The girl detailed how former Manchester United “had condoms in his Dolce & Gabbana cowboy boots, but in the third time he did not use any.”

Naya did not hesitate to slash a phrase to remember, asked about ‘Ronaldo’s size’: “If his cock was a pizza, it would be a large size pizza.”

I guess my definition of “fat” is different than CR9’s. AND TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

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