Happy Anniversary, Odd Little Tradition

Justin April 14, 2010 0

As far as I can tell, William Howard Taft is famous for two things:

1. He was so fat they had to get a specially made bathtub for him at the White House

2. He was the first President to throw out a first pitch on opening day.

That second accomplishment happened an April 14th, 1910. That’s exactly 100 years ago. Let’s celebrate by naming the All-President last name team.


P- Walter (Andrew) Johnson

Much like our current President, Walter Johnson first came to Washington as a Senator.


C- Gary (Jimmy) Carter

Here he is meeting President Reagan, along with a drug addict with multiple convictions, an accused con man who claimed to the world he was a financial genius only to later be found out as a bankrupt fraud, two men who lost tens of millions to Bernie Madoff and Lee Mazilli, among others.


1B- Nick (Lyndon) Johnson

Another Washington connection. That’s pretty much it. You’d be surprised how hard it was to find a decent first baseman for this list.


2B- Adam (John F) Kennedy

Ask not what Team USA can do for you, Ask what you can do for Team USA.


3B- Randy (George) Bush

Randy Bush was a key bench guy for the ’87 Twins. George Bush came off the Reagan Administration bench in 1987 to run for President.

Randy Bush

LF- Claudell (George) Washington

When I was a kid, I once left a Yankee game early, then Claudell Washington hit a grand slam to win the game while we were driving home… ACROSS THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE!!!!


CF- Willie (Woodrow) Wilson

I just like this picture.


RF- Reggie (Andrew) Jackson

He’s Reggie Jackson.


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