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Farewell Deadspin; Sports Blogs to Be Replaced by Algorithms

California Correspondent March 23, 2010 0

A little company called Statsheet, today announced their grand plans to automate the development of sports content, beginning with blogs. The founder of Statesheet states: A blogger/writer’s internal script is pretty much set.  They

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Smithy coaches David Beckham and Andy Murray

King Ing March 23, 2010 0

Earlier this month we brought you the snippet of Wayne Rooney singing “Your the Best Around” with British comedian James Corden. And now that the Sport Relief show has aired the whole video has

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Jay Z and Diddy getting in the Premier League game

King Ing March 23, 2010 0

Once news spread of P Diddy’s interest in Crystal Palace it was only a matter of time before someone asked Jay Z if he had any thoughts of owning a English Premier League team.

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West Virginia, alcohol!!!!!!!

King Ing March 22, 2010 2

So this is how the West Virginia Mountaineers celebrated the news that they won’t have to go thru Kansas en route to the National Championship. Da’Sean Butler, Jonnie West, Joe Mazzulla and John Flowers

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Buzzer Beater, Buzzer Beater…Loser, Loser…My NCAA Tournament

King Ing March 22, 2010 0

I can’t believe how good these NCAA Tournament games were this weekend. You had buzzer beaters, the overall top seed going out in the second round, and me crying about losing all my wagers

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The ball is tipped and there you are!

King Ing March 18, 2010 0

Finally the time has come for me to bet on numerous college basketball games and yell at the TV. What am I saying? I do that every weekend. Maybe I won’t seem so crazy

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I Bet the G-O-P is Picking Houston

Justin March 17, 2010 0

It’s one thing for the hyper-partisanship in Washington to derail healthcare reform or delay much needed unemployment benefits from being extended for millions of Americans. But now, on the eve of  Sports Nirvana, its

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Noted Muslim Terrorist Loves Kansas

Justin March 17, 2010 1

Note: The title of this post is sarcastic. I am a fan of Barack Obama and do not believe he is a terrorist, a socialist, or a communist. Anyway, the man clearly does not

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Manchester United takes a crack at the crossbar challenge

King Ing March 17, 2010 1

Watch here as Manchester United try their own version of the crossbar challenge. You will notice Wayne Rooney isn’t in top form in this contest. But as always the ageless one Ryan Giggs is

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Charlotte Jackson helps us countdown to World Cup 2010

King Ing March 16, 2010 0

I had no clue who Charlotte Jackson was until yesterday. While I was at the gym, a quick glance at the television to check soccer highlights on Sky Sports in between sets my eyes

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