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One of the best games I have ever seen

King Ing March 26, 2010 1

What more could you ask for? Kansas St and Xavier playing a double overtime game with Gus Johnson announcing. You had Terrell Holloway and Jordan Crawford on one side vs the dynamic duo of

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The Situation Throws Like A Snookie

Justin March 25, 2010 0

The Mets invited this putz to throw out the first pitch at a spring training game. He did not perform well

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Novak Djokovic’s perpetual motion machine

King Ing March 25, 2010 0

So this is what happens when scientists build a perpetual motion machine powered by tennis rackets with Novak Djokovic. It is a never ending-ness of awesome. Maybe I am the only one that finds

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Did Kim Kardashian really hook up with Wayne Bridge?

King Ing March 25, 2010 1

According to Media Take Out they did. “According to another ROCK SOLID insider, Kim is dating UK soccer star Wayne Bridge. The insider claims that a few weeks ago, Wayne and Kim met up

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Has anyone heard from Darryl Strawberry lately?

tommy neumann March 25, 2010 2

Dwight Gooden, who could have been one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, is in trouble with the law after relapsing this morning in the woods somewhere in New Jersey. Last

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Curt Schilling Turns on Fellow Minutemen Over Taxes

tommy neumann March 25, 2010 4

Curt Schilling, who doesn’t hide the fact that he is a conservative republican, has apparently found a government handout he can get behind

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Is your teams first round pick a pothead?

tommy neumann March 24, 2010 0

While there is a plethora of talent in this years NFL draft, teams are also likely to draft a huge number of stoners. NFL personnel evaluators recently told that they are concerned about the number of players

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Turtle is No Longer The Schlubiest Guy on HBO

Justin March 24, 2010 0

That title now belongs to Rex Ryan

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Ed Hardy has a Dwight Howard t-shirt line?

King Ing March 24, 2010 3

I never really understood the fascination people have with the Ed Hardy line of clothing. But to each his own. One of those infatuated with the line is none other than Dwight Howard. Even

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Farewell Deadspin; Sports Blogs to Be Replaced by Algorithms

California Correspondent March 23, 2010 0

A little company called Statsheet, today announced their grand plans to automate the development of sports content, beginning with blogs. The founder of Statesheet states: A blogger/writer’s internal script is pretty much set.  They

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