Tiger Receives Higher Approval Rating Than Congress

tommy neumann March 27, 2010 0


Its been a hell of a few months for Tiger Woods, but he is still a lot more popular than congress.

In a survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, the world’s most famous golfer received a 43% approval rating. Things are looking so good for Tiger he might want to consider a run for political office when his playing days are over.

Despite the democrats attempting to overhaul the nation’s strained health care system, most Americans have lost confidence in government’s ability to fix or solve any of the nations problems. The latest national Angus Reid poll shows only 24% of people approve of congress’ performance. Maybe Harry Reid should start having sex with porn stars and sending sexually explicit text messages to female interns on Capitol Hill.

This reminds me of the public response to President Clinton after republicans in the house spent millions of dollars investigating his sex life and airing all the sordid details. But the American people have lost their ability to be shocked anymore. After Clinton admitted to getting blown in the oval office and living through eight years of the untruthfful Bush administration, most of us expect people in positions of power to do whatever they want.

Ultimately, the more the mainstream media oversaturates us with news coverage of every little detail of Tiger’s sex life, the more the people will see him as a victim.

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