The Crackle Wonders: Lisa Peterson

Justin March 27, 2010 0

The Butler Bulldogs are the closest thing to Cinderellas that we have left in the tournament. Honestly,  how many people had them going this far?  I know of at least two. Me.. and Lisa Peterson. She’s a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club, and so, she’s a big fan of bulldogs.

But, it turns out “Bulldogs” is just a nickname. The players are actually human people! I am not satisfied with that. How would actual Bulldogs perform in the NCAA tournament.  Lisa was kind enough to sit down and answer my asinine queries.

SCP: So far, Baylor has beaten UTEP, Murray State and Syracuse. For all those people out there who fill out their brackets according to the mascots, how would an actual bulldog do if matched up against a Miner?  A Racer?  An Orange?

LP: Obviously the Bulldogs already beat the Orangemen so I’d say pretty well!  But you can learn more about Bulldogs here.

SCP: Butler plays Kansas State on Saturday. What would happen if a domesticated bulldog came upon a wildcat?

LP: Bulldogs are tenacious and tough when it comes to getting what they want but they are also very lovable and funny.  I’d say the Bulldog would stand its ground and eventually convince the wildcat that he best move on or the Bulldog would tell him a joke and the wildcat would be ROFL so long the Bulldog would triumphantly walk away!

SCP: Obviously, Youtube has proven that bulldogs can skateboard. Do their skills translate at all to basketball?

LP: Just by looking at them you wouldn’t think this, but Bulldogs have great agility and can dodge anything coming at them, like a player trying to foul them, or catch anything throw at them, like a ball!

SCP: The Bulldog is obviously a very popular mascot. Is it the most popular among dog breeds?

LP: Many schools have the Bulldog as its mascot from Gerogetown’s Jack the Bulldog to Yale’s Handsome Dan to UGA from the Univeristy of Georgia. Each year AKC release its Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America and the Bulldog has really been climbing up the ranks. – He hit the Top 10 for the first time in 2007 and last year was ranked the 7th most popular breed according to AKC Registration Statistics!

Look for your favorite breed here.

SCP: Are there any actual concerns about safety, when schools use actual dogs as their mascots, as opposed to students in oversized costumes?

LP: The NCAA doesn’t allow live mascots at the tournament, but a live mascot, like Butler Blue II the Bulldog for example, when he does appear at home games has been trained and well conditioned by his caretaker to handle his job description. These mascots are family pets first that just happen to have an awesome side job. Every dog should be so lucky! Read Butler Blue II’s blog here.

SCP: Who’s winning the American Kennel Club office pool?

LP: We don’t have one because everybody’s picks would be the same – schools with dogs as mascots!

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