One of the best games I have ever seen

King Ing March 26, 2010 1

What more could you ask for? Kansas St and Xavier playing a double overtime game with Gus Johnson announcing. You had Terrell Holloway and Jordan Crawford on one side vs the dynamic duo of Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente for the Wildcats. Each man hitting big shot after big shot. It was a shame the game had to end.

P.S. Remember when Curtis Kelly played for UCONN…makes me so sad

If you missed it and want to see it all…take the jump

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  1. Dave March 26, 2010 at 4:04 pm -

    Yes, this was a great game; however most of the excitement was caused by a referee who definitely had an affect on the game. With only a few seconds remaining in regulation, this official blatantly (and on purpose in my opinion) did not blow his whistle when K-State fouled the Xavier player just after crossing half-court and before he was fouled attempting his 3-pt shot. This referee was 10 feet behind where this foul occurred and was directly looking at it. He then proceeds to call the foul during the 3-pt attempt. I hope he gets disciplined for this obvious act and should be banned from officiating any more games in the tournament.

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