McGwire’s Brother Throws Him Under The Bus

tommy neumann March 2, 2010 0

jay-mcgwireJay McGwire, the jealous and terribly insecure younger brother of the home run champ, continues to go on television to sell his tell-all book “Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball’s Worst Kept Secret,” to baseball fans who havent tired of all the talk on performance-enhancing drugs. Looking to cash in on the controversy surronding his familys name, he appeared on ESPN saying he thought Mark looked “freaky” during the prime of his career. If that wasnt enough of a low blow, this morning he sold him out on the “Fox and Friends” morning show, just to sell a couple of books to republicans in fly-over country. It looks like there is nothing this opportunist wont do to both cash in and humilate Mark in the progress. Jay, who used to prance around in Speedos during his days as a competitive bodybuilder, hasnt talked to the slugger since 2002 so I guess he doesnt mind furthering damaging Mark’s reputation. There is nothing revealing in his book most fans dont already know about the steroid era and it’s not like I need to know exactly how many times Jay shot Mark in the ass with a needle.

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