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Someone Pooped in K-Rod’s Eyes

Justin February 26, 2010 0

Man, the Mets can’t catch a break. Now, it’s their All Star closer who’s dealing with a medical condition.  And, as I’ve learned from Dr. Apatow, it’s an ailment you can only get from

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Put some clothes on dude!

King Ing February 26, 2010 0

Here is video of Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend Heidi Northcott working out in the nude. How does the person videotaping get this close without being caught? This is broad daylight and you can

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Caption This

King Ing February 25, 2010 0

WTF are Emmanuel Eboue, Andrey Ashavin and Nicklas Bendtner doing

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Olympic tickets not so easy to come by for this star

King Ing February 25, 2010 2

This item comes from Blind Gossip and asks us: “While quite a few celebrities have managed to make their way up to Vancouver for the Olympic Games, one actor certainly made a less-than-super impression.

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Morgan Freeman Celebrates the Olympic Spirit

California Correspondent February 24, 2010 0

And he puts nicely into words what we’re all thinking&#

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Show me another angle

King Ing February 24, 2010 0

This is amazing, if real. The Vince Carter 86 footer while seated might be the trick shot of the year. Probably the man’s greatest accomplishment since the 2000 dunk contest. Someone please show me

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The Doctor is, Apparently, Out

Justin February 23, 2010 0

A few months ago, WABC-TV sports anchor Marvell Scott left his TV career to practice medicine full time.  Sounds like a nice story, right?  The Daily News thought so. Add in the fact that

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Who is using her husband’s affair to try and break into acting

King Ing February 23, 2010 0

Today’s blind item comes from BuzzFoto and asks us: “We hear this wife of a talented athlete is using a recent affair as leverage to get what she wants. What does she want? She

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Just in case you missed it

King Ing February 22, 2010 0

Alex Ovechkin laid out my favorite hockey player Jaromir Jagr

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The Crackle Wonders: Kenny Mayne

Justin February 22, 2010 3

Kenny Mayne is the funniest man in Bristol. And, no, that is not the equivalent of being the tallest man at the midget convention. (Sorry.. little people convention.) He’s left the Sportscenter desk behind

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