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This is how I picture all Jets fans

King Ing January 7, 2010 0

The geniuses at created a web series called Jersey Sports Fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have some catching up to do. In their latest installment they show us how one

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Cooperstown Conundrums

Justin January 7, 2010 0

There are some questions out  there today,  following yesterday’s Hall of Fame Announcement: “Does Andre Dawson belong in the Hall of Fame?” “What about Bert Blyleven? “ “Would Robbie Alomar have been a first

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When will the madness end?

King Ing January 7, 2010 1

Just when you think the Tiger Woods scandal has died down, another “scandal” surfaces. According to Radar Online, one of Tiger’s mistresses Loredana Jolie Ferriolo claims she witnessed the golfer’s gay encounters. “Loredana has

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Gilbert Arenas “Ink, not Mink” photo spread

King Ing January 7, 2010 2

Gilbert Arenas had a pretty eventful 28th birthday. Not only was “Agent Zero” suspended indefinitely for his behavior off the court, PETA also released his new photos from their “Ink, not Mink” campaign. Talk

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The Crackle Recommends

Justin January 6, 2010 0

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve done one of these (more than a year in fact). As always, we credit the folks over at McSweeney’s for inventing the concept, and doing a

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Don’t call it a comeback, she has been here for years

King Ing January 6, 2010 0

Don’t call it a comeback, Allison Stokke’s been here for years [Busted Coverage

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An Open Letter To Sports Illustrated

Justin January 5, 2010 0

Dear Sports Illustrated, Let me start with the positives. Your magazine is top notch. It consistently has great reporting and exceptional writing.  People like Gary Smith and Joe Posnanski are among the most talented

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Caption This

King Ing January 5, 2010 1

Cristiano Ronaldo gets a little touchy feely with Marcelo. Thumbs up!

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I tried this major in college

King Ing January 5, 2010 1

And failed miserably at it. Jeron Johnson on the other hand is well on his way to getting his degree in “cummunication.” -H/T Lang Whitaker

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Vanity Fair cashing in on Tiger Woods

King Ing January 4, 2010 0

I guess Vanity Fair wants in on Tiger Woods mania as they released the new issue with never before seen pictures taken back in January 2006. Anything to sell magazines

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