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Starbury to Play for Chow Mein and Chickens Feet

tommy neumann January 20, 2010 0

Stephon Marbury, the once self-described “best point guard in the NBA”, has decided to leave the country and lace up his $15 dollar sneakers for a pro basketball team in China. Shanxi announced it was bringing

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Michael Jordan asks Jay Leno the question NBC should have

King Ing January 20, 2010 1

Don’t ask Michael Jordan dumb questions. If you didn’t know that by now, this segment with Jay Leno should prove it to you. “Are you stupid?” -H/T NESW Sports

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Did you know Steve Jobs is a UK soccer player?

King Ing January 19, 2010 0

For the love of all things sacred in life. With most people today running around with an iPod or iPhone, one would guess that most would know who Steve Jobs is. But that is

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Headline of the day: U.S. America’s Cup team calls Alinghi skipper a liar

California Correspondent January 15, 2010 1

From the Detroit Free Press: “Today, the Americans took the gloves off and delivered a backhanded rap across the chops when they called Swiss skipper Brad Butterworth a liar.“ Why would you take the

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Baron Davis runs New York City

King Ing January 15, 2010 2

I don’t even know what Baron Davis is trying to promote here, if anything? Is it the shoes? But whatever the case here is video of “Boom Dizzle”dribbling the streets of NYC and meeting

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This Will Be Stupid and Gay

Justin January 14, 2010 1

This announcement from the first couple of the ABC/ESPN family of networks

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Which soccer star is fooling around with a D-list reality star?

King Ing January 14, 2010 0

Today’s blind item comes from the Daily Mirror and asks: “Which married Premiership footballer is having an affair with a D-list former reality TV star behind his unsuspecting wife’s back?” The possibilities for married

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NFL Up All Night

Justin January 13, 2010 1

This situation at NBC is a complete mess, but it may seem familiar. Especially if you’re a fan of the NFL. SportsCracklePop is proud to present the list of  Late Night Talk Show Hosts

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Armani Underwear Photospread

King Ing January 13, 2010 2

A day after Megan Fox’s photos were released, Armani followed it up by giving us Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear spread. Why can’t I look like this? Somewhere in New Jersey, Mike “The Situation” is crying

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Who guards ‘”The Rock” at Tennessee?

King Ing January 13, 2010 0

Doesn’t anyone look over that thing? I mean whoever defaced “The Rock” did it faster than any graffiti artist on a NYC building. And they didn’t hold back on the language either. If you

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